Lean Safety Practices
Class Date(s) Wednesday, Feb 27 2019 8:00AM-5:00PM  
Thursday, Feb 28 2019 8:00AM-5:00PM  
Class# 1916194  

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Lean Thinking, based on the Toyota Production System, has enabled organizations throughout the world in a wide range of industries to achieve and sustain substantial improvements through a high level of employee engagement. Lean Thinking is focused on implementing continuous improvement while showing respect for people.  One of the very best ways to demonstrate respect for people is through ensuring the safety of your people in their work environment. The same methodologies and techniques utilized to implement Lean Thinking have been proven to be very effective in improving and sustaining Safety. Lean Thinking focuses on improving the work environment. The term Lean Safety is now being used to express the linkage and strong connection between Lean and Safety in developing thriving organizational cultures.

Lean Safety provides a multitude of benefits, including Consistently improved and safer work environments; Significant reduction in the number of employee accidents and workers compensation claims; Eliminating Waste in work processes resulting in improving quality, productivity, speed, and growth; Significant expansion of employee engagement and satisfaction; and Development of sustainable; proactive organizational cultures.

Workshop Objectives: Gain familiarization and understanding of the key aspects of Lean and Lean Safety.  Understand the strong connection and linkage between Lean and Lean Safety.  Engage in activities that will enable you to positively impact employee safety in your facility.  Understanding how you can significantly improve processing times by eliminating ergonomic types of risks.  Develop the ability to prepare a comprehensive plan and a proven approach for implementing Lean Safety in your organization.  Learn the specific behaviors that must be adopted and consistently demonstrated by leaders throughout your organization.

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